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We’ve taken the headache out of data engineering, analysis and visualisaton to enable everyone to get answers and insights from their data.

Why use Insightano?

Instant access to KPI’s and reports

With our no-code dashboard builder

Avoid costly in house solutions

By pooling your data from multiple sources

Understand the context of your work

By connecting your data to our
Open Data Repository

Keep me in the loop

Maximise your revenue, efficiency and impact

Answer the crucial questions and access the vital information you need to make great decisions, keep all your stakeholders informed and to drive your organisation forward.

Meet the Founders

Insightano is founded by Hannah Underwood and Callum Robson, experts in the field.

Hannah Underwood

Hannah has been a CEO and Non Executive leader in the social change sector for almost 20 years and is a trusted figure in the UK Data for Good ecosystem.

Callum Robson

Callum is a highly experienced Data Architect and Engineer with 13 years’ experience of technical expertise and data leadership gained across corporate multinationals, government departments and social change organisations.